Saturday, 28 April 2007

... And Yet More

Thanks to S in Japan who downloaded (uploaded?) these for us from his phone. It took him ages too - so a big THANK YOU S - you're simply the best!

M (the groom) fixing white balloons to a power pole so that the wedding guests knew which road to turn down. He's wearing the green sneakers he wore at the wedding.

Another set of directions.
Backdrop to the wedding register signing table.

I think I've got my eyes closed in this photo.
M&K's dog Jedi was never far away.
The beach far below and behind M&K, is a beach that is popular for spotting yellow-eyed penguins as they emerge from the ocean after a day's fishing and waddle back to their sand-dune lairs.
Family group.

After the wedding. Some of the remaining wedding guests among the rocks! The bride and groom having a seat with the guests. In the foreground are the bridesmaids with yellow flowers.

A family photo taken at the gathering that evening. My daughter and granddaughter are in this group shot. (Granddaughter B is proudly holding the wedding bouquet upside down!)


Katherine Dolan said...

Yay! Wedding photos are nice anyway, but there is something really touchingly fresh and lovely about these ones. Partly nostalgia, I suppose; the harbour backdrop reminds me of Dunedin's best side!

I love the one where the bride and groom are cuddling with Jedi wanting to be part of the action.

McDinzie said...

such nice piccies. You looked wonderful in that outfit...really nice colour on you.

Yep I like the cuddling one as well looking out to sea

64BakerSt said...

What a beautiful place for a wedding!

kj said...

wow! these are phenomenal pictures. what a beautiful wedding. everything is so perfect, including you! i just loved looking at this, chief. my daughter was married 18 months ago and i will never forget a moment of it. congratulations.

rel said...

The happy look on your face and particularly in your eyes tells the story of the joy of this day!
Your grand-daughter resembles you. ;-) ...lucky girl.
Of course the pic was small, so I can't be sure. I absolutely love the venue. A magnificent view for a auspicious occassion.
Thanks for sharing your family with us.

Avus said...

What a backdrop to a perfect occasion!

Tammy Brierly said...

What a view and a handsome family. You look beautiful! XXOO

lampad said...

There is a very strong resemblance between you and your grand daughter (she's so cute, by the way!)

herhimnbryn said...


Jan said...

Lovely CB.
And I particularly like your elegant black dress!

Rod said...

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos! Everyone looks so happy! :)
You're positively glowing in them..

Maya said...

OMG! For some reason the last few days I couldn't see all these pictures everyones' been talking about - and now I can! They are SO adorable - and you are all just glowing with happiness and joy. I can only wish that all *my* weddings had such lovely guests and such spectacular backdrops.

PS. M is HOT - I mean, clearly he gets his looks from his mum, but just had to share my unbiased opinion. He and K are just gorgeous together - She's got that lovely creamy skin and dark hair and his cute smile...well...I hate it when people do this to me but (shhh) I totally hope they have kids. They'd be SO adorable.

Carmen said...


Carmen said...

i tagged you with the book meme (see my blog) I hope you can play!

paris parfait said...

Absolutely stunning photos! Just beautiful and romantic.

Kay Cooke said...

katherine - Thanks. Dunedin's best side - yes. And that Jedi photo is probably my fav.

mcd - Thanks sis. You'll note I didn't take you up on your red polyprop suggestion!

64 B - it was - some of the guests were doubtful before - but not after!

kj - Thanks. Wonderful to have photos to look back on and remember a very, very special day.

rel - Thanks. yes everyone says B looks like me - I say, poor girl ;)

avus - It truly was - a wonderful backdrop and an auspicious occasion.

tammy - You are too nice!

lampad - Thanks. It cannot be denied!

herhimnbryn - S'true!

Jan - Thanks - it had black undertones but was really a dark red top and grape-y coloured skirt.

michelle - I felt on top of the world - I enjoyed this wedding even more than my own thirty-one years ago next Tuesday!

maya - Thanks - shhh but yes so do I. ;)

camille - Thanks - am eagerly readying myself to join in.

pp - Thanks. I agree!

S. Kearney said...

Kind of wedding that people will remember forever! I love outdoor weddings, with natural, mouth-dropping backdrops! :)

Di Mackey said...

I peered at the photographs, trying to see if there was anyone I knew ... entirely likely in NZ but they were just a little too small for details :)

Lovely setting ... looks like a fantastic day.

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