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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Tired Hedgehog

I've been having trouble sleeping the last couple of nights. So when I get home from work, even though it is only 2.00 in the afternoon, all I want to do is sleep.
I feel a little like an animal with an overwhelming urge to hibernate.
However in our fairly temperate climate here in New Zealand, I believe about the only animals that hibernate are hedgehogs.

(Below is probably all you need to know about hedgehogs in New Zealand but were afraid to ask. Written by school children, it's an extract from a longer piece I found on the internet.)

In 1870 the hedgehogs were sent on a boat to New Zealand. They have short legs. They can run.

By Alex.

Hedgehogs are mammals. They eat slugs and snails. They sleep in the day and are awake at night. They are nocturnal. They get run over by cars because they are on the road at night. Hedgehogs crunch snails and munch!

By Kristy.

Although I can identify somewhat with a prickly, short-legged, nocturnal mammal with no road sense, maybe I am really more like a cat.

After a two-hour kip this afternoon, I am feeling fully restored. These autumn days, the nights are closing in fast. The curtains are drawn as early as 6.00pm.

In today's mail was the certificate for my short story.
It's gone up on the fridge.

I also received an appraisal from the judge, Owen Marshall, who described it as 'a successful story which captures Frances's slightly 'Ugly Betty' character with wry, satiric humour.' (As Frances is a semi-autobiographical character, I don't know whether to be flattered or not!)

A good two hours of writing beckons. Maybe I'll even manage to write something for Poetry Thursday - although by the time it's written, it's more likely to be 'Poetry Early-Hours-of-Friday-Morning.'

But first .... I think what I really need

is a cup of coffee.


dinzie said...

I'll have a coffee :O)

Is it hot and humid down there ??? It's a no sleep night in this heat up here :O\

Kamsin said...

I'm quite sure I was a cat in another life. Autumn always makes me sleepy too.
I love the info about hedgehogs from the kids, I particularly like Alex's offering. EFL students often write like that, just put everything they know down whether it is related or not! I was kind of imagining hedgehogs running around on boats, or even escaping the boats in the first place!

Jone said...

Is "kip" the NZ word for nap? I love it. I love naps as well. I am enjoying reading about the changing of the seasons as we head towards spring. Thanks for visitng my blog.

Avus said...

Congrats on the "Highly Commended".
I just cannot nap during the day - if I do I feel like nothing on earth when I come to. I envy people who can "drop off" (a saying from stage coach days, when outside passengers who went to sleep often fell off).

lampad said...

I love your picture stories!

The only hedgehog I've seen in Victoria is an albino specimen at a pet store. It has pink eyes and looked as if it was made of sugar.

Kimberley McGill said...

Oh, how I wish I could feel like my cat looks when he sleeps!

Congratulations again on the commendation!

paris parfait said...

Congrats on the recognition for your story! Looking forward to reading your poetry piece for PT.

herhimnbryn said...

Love the hedgehog descriptions!

pepektheassassin said...

Hmmm. Stay off the road at night, m'dear hedgehog!

January said...

I'm a tea drinker myself.

Congratulations on your much deserved recognition.

If you do write something for 'Poetry Early-Hours-of-Friday-Morning,' I will be back to check.

chiefbiscuit said...

dinzie - Not exactly hot and humid - but warm.

kamsin - I loved it too.

jone - I didn't realise kip wasn't international - it's of British origin I believe, but yes we kiwis use it as well.

avus - I never knew that! How funny.

lampad - I can honestly say that is the most beautiful description of an albino hedgehog I have ever heard!

Kimberly - Thanks. I know exactly what you mean about the way cats sleep - me too!

pp - Hopefully I'll get around to the Thursday poem - it'll be horrifically late - I am a bit too tired!

herhimnbryn - Thanks. Yes the hedgehog descrips. are rather adorable.

pp - I will - I like remaining indoors far too much!

january - I love tea ... I'm a real tea-wife. But one cup of coffee per day is a treat. (Not too much tho' as my heart starts racing!)

chiefbiscuit said...

pepek - Sorry; I called you pp ... I need a kip. ;)

Rethabile said...

Bravo on the certificate. And don't you orphan PT, now, y'hear?

chiefbiscuit said...

rethabile - Ha! With that thought spurring me on, I'll just have to go and do something about that poem right now! :)

Remiman said...

I'm definitely a cat. Naps are my second favorite thing to partake of. ;-)

Ugly Betty....Semi-autobiographical....Naaah, I don't think so!

chiefbiscuit said...

rel - Well ... it was about when I was young and awkward and shy and used to wear dark-framed glasses. And I do and have short legs. (But no braces.) :)

Jan said...

Cats..The Best.
I have tabby sisters aged 12 who are exactly like yours.
Here in the UK, it's as though everyone is gradually coming out of hibernation. We put our clocks forward recently one hour so evenings are lighter longer.
Congratulations on your writing success too. It's well deserved.

mcdinzie said...

Ugly Betty...well....not entirely....but with those black thick plastic glasses you used to wear some 40 years ago....maybe......

Love the cat picture....I want to come back as a cat.....

chiefbiscuit said...

jan - Thanks for congrats.
Tabbys are the best in mho. They have character and are affectionate and talkative.
Enjoy the longer days.

mcd - You flatter me! I don't want you to come back - I want you up there with me!!!


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