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Friday, 23 March 2007

Thank God for Little Sisters! (Who Give To The Poor ;) )

I am so excited! My sister - McD - has give me her 'old' camera (which just happens to be a Canon.) So now I can post lovely piccies - as soon as I can work out how to operate it. McD informs me it is a lovely camera - in fact there was major trauma involved on her part to give it away. I have assured her it was to a good home.

Anyway, here are today's efforts - excuse any lack of clarity - it's definitely not the camera's fault - it's the driver's.

This is the view looking out to White Island through the old wooden poles at St Clair beach. It was a corker day today, the sky the 'bluest blue' and the ocean a veritable blue-and-white symphony.
There were one or two surfers out to test the breakers.

And here is a photo I took of Grommy our cat.

And one of Jedi our son's dog - who is getting old now and loves to sleep ... and sleep ... and sleep some more.


64 Baker Street said...

Very nice!! I am looking forward to more pictures. (I love the photo of sleepy Jedi!)

Catherine said...

I especially love the first two - there's something about the vertical lines of poles against the calming wide horizon of the sea. Of course, the pet photos will have special meaning to you!

Carole said...

Your cat is very like mine apart from having more white fur. I must get a digital camera so that I can take my own pictures rather than relying on my children.

dinzie said...

Great Pictures already !! :O) McD is dragging me out this weekend to exercise her camera :O)

Remiman said...

It looks like you take to the camera like pylons take to water! ;-)
I also have a canon, and love it!
Looking forward to seeing photos to match your words.

chiefbiscuit said...

64 b - thanks - nice to see you here!

catherine - Yes I was pleased with them too. I've been wanting to get a shot of in between the line of posts for some time now and today I managed it. Yay!

carole - Grommy is a tabby with a white front. He's very handsome and I bet your cat is too.

dinzie - Oh come on, you know you want to!!! And then we will see the results up on your blog and on McD's flickr site? And elsewhere too no doubt. Have fun.

rel - Thanks for the encouragement. I am looking forward to posting pictures instantly - as we speak - kinda thing. Very exciting.

Avus said...

Yes - like the St Clair beach compositions very much. I have done similar with wooden breakwaters on our beaches - there is something about those horizontals (shifting sands) and verticals (unmoving solids)

Kimberley McGill said...

I love photos! So glad you are starting out on your photographic adventure. It looks to me like you have an eye for photo composition - someone can take a clear shot but if the composition isn't there the picture falls flat. Looking forward to more!

mcdinzie said...

Looks like my baby is in good hands...Many a good year left in the "old" camera :)

Bug said...

Beautiful pics! I love the beach ones. A nice reminder that summer will be here soon!

Tammy said...

Yay! New toy we all can enjoy :) I love pet pix.

herhimnbryn said...

Sea shore
Surf king
Cat fur
Dog dreams
Me thinketh you have had fun with your new portable photographic macnine!

Gorgeous Chief.

michelle said...

what a sweet doggie!

you're a much better photographer than me! :)

kj said...

very nice photos, chief! it will be fun to see your new canon in action.

your son's dog looks just like my stella.

have a fine weekend.


chiefbiscuit said...

avus - Thanks. I couldn't have pinpointed just what it was that attracted me to that kind of composition, but you and Catherine with your more reasoned and logical (than mine!) perspectives,have enlightened me!

kimberley - Believe me it's (and you must excuse the dreadful pun here)just shots in the dark for me right now - I'm running on pure instinct with a little help from two instruction booklets!

mcdinzie - I am loving your baby. I hope to do you proud by it!

bug - And for us that it is fading fast - but the dying summer is treating us to some very mild, warm days so 'let the Lord be thankit!' (Scottish quote from a Robbie Burns grace.)

tammy - I promise some more then - an easy promise to keep.

herhimnbryn - Sounds like the Chaucer influence is still hanging around your place!

michelle - I bet I'm not! It's a mighty good camera 's all.

kj - Thanks kj. You too.

Shameless said...

Oh great, I look forward to the views, so I can get all nostalgic about home! I'm sure you will be taking loads of perfect snaps!

And White Island? The same White Island that I saw everyday when I lived in Whakatane? Maybe I'm being thick, and there's another one down where you live.

Becky said...

Great pix, CB!!! I have a Canon too and have gone crazy with it (as you know!) Enjoy, enjoy.


Deb R said...

Yay for McD! I think the photos turned out wonderfully!

chiefbiscuit said...

shameless- Hi. Are you homesick yet? White Island is just a little rock really off St Clair beach. Surfers, kayakers etc often go / swim/ row out to White Island and back.

becky - Thanks - I can only hope to emulate. I'm glad we're Canon-Colleagues! :)

deb r - If my photos are anywhere near as good as yours are I will be happy.

Anne S said...

Aah, the joys of digital photography have obviously taken you over.

I love my little Panasonic and take it everywhere.

You seem to have taken to it very well. The photos are very good composition wise.

I look forward to more...

chiefbiscuit said...

Anne - Thanks Anne. Yes, I'm rapt.


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