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Friday, 30 March 2007

The Happy Red Guy

Here is my very late, Friday night entry for Poetry Thursday.

This happy chappy is a bit of street art. Underneath him, are the words

The happy red man has been there for about two years now. One day he will be painted over, but for now it gives us a lot of joy whenever we drive past and see him still there.






We spot it, your street art, through the railings
of the over-bridge, spray-painted

on a boarded-up window ‘you can see
the sky’ painted vertical in black

below. Instructions we follow, lifting
our eyes to see him there, a ruddy, raddle

-red accountant - well, he’s got to be,
with hair like that, black, brylcremed

and perfect. Either that, or a sun-burnt
Four Square grocer drifting off

to paradise. And every time we drive past,
he makes us grin this character that’s yours,

the rosy, pear-shaped guy delirious
with exhaust fumes, blissfully hanging

above where the walkway begins
to spiral, above where the sun never shines.


Catherine said...

I love it - but will non-New Zealanders get the reference to Four Square? And I'm not sure about the last line - it has slightly rude connotations :) Really enjoyed it overall, though.

Kamsin said...

In answer to catherine's question this non-NZ'er didn't get the reference to Four Square, but that's OK. It is still a lovely little piece of street art and you convey your sense of pleasure in seeing him brighten up a little corner of the world.

Tammy said...

Too cute CB! He does appear to be inhaling a fume or two. LOL

Kimberley McGill said...

It's good to find pleasure in the little things we see everyday. I enjoy the whole feel of the poem and particularly like that you addressed the unknown artist.

michelle said...

street art is great! We have a lot of that here in Seattle. Thanks for sharing photo and the very nice poem. :)

Remiman said...

Neato! Isn't so like us to make street art a part of our everyday community and relate to it like it's part of the neighborhood, And yes, you will miss him when he slips away. I used to use brylcreme as a teen and my youngest is an accountant. Yah, so what? she asks. I don't know, It sounded good at first...oh well says he. ;-)

pepektheassassin said...

Oh, chief, this is fine, fine! I love this little guy, and his message!

wendy said...

bliss. non sense and bliss.

chiefbiscuit said...

catherine - Thanks. I didn't think about the similarity to the insult in the last line. Might have to change it now!

kamsin - Yes I guess by inference you can get it - let the reader do some work is a motto of mine anyway.

tammy - He is cute - so's the artist ;)

kim - Thanks - easy to address the artist when you know them!

michelle - I love street art - artistic freedom rules!

rel - Street art does become part of thecommunity. We have photos of the art, so it's not entirely lost. And sorry, I didn't mean to give accountants a bad name! The world needs accountants!

pepek - Thanks. He's a lovely little fellow.

wendy - Bliss sums it up best!

kj said...

bravo, chief!

so what i don't know about four square--the poem tells me all i need to know and all i need to enjoy!


chiefbiscuit said...

kj - Thanks - I'm glad you got it!


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