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Friday, 23 February 2007

Poetry Thursday's Poem

coupled above the asphalt

My body has cells that will not be scattered
by anything other than the sound of the sea.
Its hands are as wrinkled as a petrified forest
in the ocean, as a crushed satin dress.
My body instantly recalls the smell of leaking ink
raw as black blood, and the sight of white butterflies
coupled above the asphalt.

My body cannot heal itself except in a mirror,
my mind removed so far as it is
from its own scaffolding, its skeletal frame.
My body likes to think it has heard a million lawnmowers,
a thousand times the sound of a dog lapping water.
Likes the smell of fermenting plums, dark-red,
defaced by birds.

Remembers the smell of fat, of grass,
of fresh earth. My body tastes salt on its lips,
the sting from a cut on the side of its tongue.
Watches. Breathes. Fingers the tree, the seed,
the grain, the white meat inside the shell.
Like a dog that likes to be where its owner is
my body likes to be where I am.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Emily said...

There are so many great lines in this...I don't even know where to start!
smell of leaking ink
coupled above the asphalt
a million lawnmowers
a thousand times the sound of a dog lapping water
remembers the smell

so much i like and the ending is fantastic

Remiman said...

How difficult it would be to navigate our world without these touchposts recorded with in our souls abode. The miracles that happen when the body and mind work in synchronicity are this piece of poetry!

paris parfait said...

" a petrified forest in the ocean, as a crushed satin dress." So much rich imagery here - wonderful poem!

Tammy said...

"crushed satin dress" was a beautiful describtion of mature hands ;) Wonderful poem!

Brian said...

I like all the words that are coupled together. How you describe your body is beautiful and very descriptive.

Regina Clare Jane said...

The last line is amazing- I'll have to remember that one. Thanks for sharing this, chiefbiscuit!

pepektheassassin said...

Good on ya, chief! Wonderful sensory images here! I need to read it again so I can feel, and see, amd hear, and taste it again! I want to remember these things, always!

Catherine said...

What wonderful images - I can just visualise the white butterflies coupled above the asphalt, and smell the fermenting plums

chiefbiscuit said...

emily - Thanks so much.

rel - Wow! That's nicce. Thanks.

pp - Thank you. :)

tammy - Yes looking at my hands put me in mind of Princess Di's wedding dress!

brian - Thanks. It's appreciated.

regina clare jane - Thanks for the compliment.

pepek - yes I tried to include in all the senses!

catherine - Thanks for the visual confirmation. :)

herhimnbryn said...

Thankyou for posting this. The images it conjures up are pertinent to all our lives.
I shall listen to our hound tonight as he laps at his water bowl.

Rethabile said...

Your body writes beautifully.

There's a sharp sensation every other line, pain, vision, touch. Very nice stuff.

Avus said...

I like this.
I have often felt that my body is a companion, a vehicle for "me". This poem brings out that relationship. It must be hell for those whose bodies and "souls" are not such good companions.
Thanks for introducing it to me.

wendy said...

"Its hands are as wrinkled as a petrified forest
in the ocean, as a crushed satin dress."

This is such a textural, multi sensory description of the hand. My hands are my favorite and most hated part of my body, all at the same time. I loved this.

The last line was perfection!

i bow to the master.

gautami tripathy said...

Some lines are so good. I am savouring those. Very good imagery.

A thinking poem.

In-between state of consciousness

Kake said...

I LOVE this poem! The happiness of dogs and the delights of sensation -- a satisfyingly apt connection.

The images illustrate the axis of joy mentioned in your blog's header quote. And in the background there's always the sense of how tenuous life is.

chiefbiscuit said...

herhimnbryn - Thanks. I just love that sound of a dog lapping water and as I listened to our son's dog doing just that the other day, I realised that it was a sound that goes way way back for me when as a small child I listened to our farm dogs drinking.

rethabile - Thanks! I was aiming for just that effect. Hopefully I've kinda pulled it off.

avus - Thanks - yes that connection thing with the body and the other insubstantial parts of us - mind, imagination etc is what I was thinking about when I wrote this.

wendy - You make me laugh! In a nice way! I just know we both have the same sense of humour! I too both love and hate my hands ;)

guatami - Thanks for dropping by!

kake - Thank you too for your dog blogs! I'm finding that living with a dog (our son's) brings back childhood memories of my father's dogs. And ever since I figured it out, I've always thought it funny that dog is god spelt backwards!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Wonderful imagery here, profound too and a great ending.

apprentice said...

Yes a lovely piece, and it fits so well with the landscape you inhabit.

I too love the hand references.

Becky said...

Very weird, CB I commented on this last time I was here, but it doesn't seem to be showing. Although it could be my basic incompetence somehow.

Anyway, I turn red like a lobster at the beach and so don't enjoy its charms. You make it sound delightful.

chiefbiscuit said...

crafty green poet - Thank you!

apprentice - The hands have it!

becky - tee hee - you're on the wrong page! I do that all the time ;)

Gel(Emerald Eyes) said...

Very nicely executed!
Too many wonderful phrases and lines to quote.
Throughly enjoyed reading your "passages". You're a fine writer.

( I wasn't able post a poem for PT, but I did post one for "Sunday Scribblings" as my current post.)

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

This is beautiful.

chiefbiscuit said...

gel - Thanks so much

Sam - Thanks for dropping by and your nice comments


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