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Saturday, 24 February 2007

Beach Jewellery

Belle made these pieces of jewellery I now have in my possession. I love the way they remind me of collections of stones and shells. I have photographed the necklace with some beach glass I've collected which match the beach glass Belle has incorporated into the design. Check out her website and scroll down to a November post for another look at her very fine jewellery.

The other day was one of those warm, still summer days rare in Dunedin, so I decided to take full advantage. The only thing I forgot to bring was an apple to eat - but I had everything else.

A piece of cloth to lie on, my sandals to hold down the corners, a thermos of coffee, a book to read, a book to write in, a pen, my sunglasses, suntan lotion, a floppy hat, my mobile phone and the bag my Australian sister gave me just the other day. (I should make this a 'Can You Spot The ...' competition!)

University students and lovers seemed to be the only other ones here. The lovers strolled the beach as if time didn't exist and the students, free to gambol before classes start up in earnest next week, desperately tried to kick rugby balls into the ocean.
A lone female surfer in a wet-suit (necessary in this cold part of the Pacific Ocean) managed to find a bit of surf, but the breakers were lazy and low. There was just not the usual surfing waves on tap.

The sky was six shades of blue, with some long, smooth clouds of purple and grey to give it texture. To the east, some clouds had a faint green tinge to them. The view I looked out at was a fine one of White Island. No-one knows whether it is called that because of waves crashing into the rocks around it, causing it to be constantly surrounded by white foam, or because of the guano it is covered in. (Or, who knows, maybe it is simply named after a Mr White?)

I spent a very pleasant couple of hours in my spot, all alone for several meters on all sides, and read and dreamed the afternoon away. And yes I did think, "Ah. This is the life." Several times.


twitches said...

Great photos! Love the jewelry on the beach - how unusual and perfect it looks there.

Maya said...

Gorgeous pictures as always - I'd LOVE some of that jewlery!

64 Baker Street said...

I love sea glass (There isn't much of it here in the desert!) and it's such a good use for it. It's lovely jewelry.

Belle said...

Hi Chief,

yes, I've been busy and letting my blogging go..........imagine my surprise when I visited "As It Happens" and saw the jewelry you purchased! I have been designing and making lots of jewelry.
I had been checking a website for a blind friend this AM and decided to visit you before logging off. I miss you--all the best to you and a big hug.

Patry Francis said...

Gorgeous jewelry! I'm going to visit your friend's site.

paris parfait said...

Both the jewelry and the photos are beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful day at the beach.

Remiman said...

It sounds and looks like a perfectly delectable day.
Good fo you.

wendy said...

I miss the ocean. ho hum.

herhimnbryn said...

Like the jewels! Your day sounds perfect to me. Time to be alone, relax, observe and then record.

Becky said...

OMG I can't even imagine such an uncrowded beach. How LUCKY you are. Did you sunburn, you look so fair in your picture. I turn lobster-like myself.

Beautiful jewelry.

Jan said...

I bet you really did...I bet you thought" THIS IS THE LIFE!" because it sounds really does. ( UK dreary with Feb)

chiefbiscuit said...

twitches - It's the perfect setting somehow.

maya - I know. I just love that jewellery too.

baker streeet - I'm sure there's jewellery there in the desert too. I love the ocean - but I also love deserts.

belle - Hope you're not too busy to blog again soon.

patry - Yes do - belle will be thrilled to oblige I'm sure.

pp - It was - I'm looking forward to one or two more days like it soon - hope it's not too much to ask!

rel- It was. :)

wendy - The Rocky Mountains sound mighty fine to me!

herhimnbryn - Yes, rare, but a delight when they arrive.

becky - How did you know? Yes, a little, but I was careful to apply loads of sunblock. Plus I had my floppy hat. I am very freckly at the moment!

jan - Well ... autumn is on its way and I daresay the drearies will hit us soon enough.

apprentice said...

The jewllery looks kovely in that setting. You should do window design!
And look at that beach, and that lovely sand.

Dreich and grey here.

chiefbiscuit said...

apprentice - I don't always have a good eye! But this time it worked, seemingly.
Dreich - Ah! Now I know where the term comes from - we use it over here a bit too but I thought it was spelt dreck - and we usually use it to describe a guy - 'he was a bit of a dreck!' The Scot in our genes will out!

Endment said...

Oh - it looks s-o-o-o warm and wonderful!

Avus said...

I thought HHnB would go for the jewellery! I was going to mention this post to her, but I she she got there first!

Lyrically speaking said...

I like the jewelry you've posted, great pieces and i'm enjoying the poems

pepektheassassin said...

What a beautiful, warm and sunny post! I can hear the waves...all the way to snowy Utah.

Shameless said...

I have a wonderful jealous feeling, CB! :)

chiefbiscuit said...

endment - yes I see what you mean, I have been looking at your pictures of snow!

avus - great minds!

lyrically speaking - Thanks for dropping in.

pepek - Contrast is good!

shameless - I wouldn't mind being in France!


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