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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Akaroa- Where Some People Drive Around in Citroens and Generally Act the Poseur

Hi! I'm writing this in Akaroa - beautiful little harbour town that has a French influence due to some French explorers deciding they might like to colonise NZ. But didn't. I may have some more accurate info. after spending a day here exploring and becoming informed.

I am here with my two sisters (sorry you couldn't come too McD - there's something missing ... and it's you!)and a couple of nephews, a niece and a brother-in-law. There was a lot of complaining from one quarter about the basic accom. I booked it, and I don't think it's all that basic. Okay it's in a camping ground, shared cabins, shared kitchen, etc. But we have a tv, a fridge and an electric jug in our little cabins AND it's HALF what a motel would've cost. But niece S says I will never - never - live this one down for as long as she lives. (my rejoinder is that it will be a memorable experience for her and she must dig down deeper into her inner resources.) All in good fun - a lot of ribbing goes on in my family - isn't that right McD?

Anyway the sun is shining and I await the rest of the family to catch up with me - for once I'm the early bird - unusual for me - so that we can swim with the dolphins, catch the Black Cat and generally explore. Keeping Oz s-i-l away from the pub may be a challenge (just kidding B!) - also keeping niece S happy (this is perhaps the most major challenge of all!)

More later ...


Rethabile said...

Sounds like you're in for a ball. Family reunions are precious, ribbing or not. Without them, there's no family. Sounds stupid to say so, "stating the obvious," but it's not that obvious to a lot of us.

Wishing you a good time.

Catherine said...

See if you can take a look at Josie Martin's amazing sculpture garden. I think it is open in the afternoons. She started doing mosaics with shards of old china dug up from the garden, and she just kept going. It was the highlight of my last visit to Akaroa.
The accommodation sounds just fine to me. Tell your niece a little less luxury is good for the soul :)

Remiman said...

Have a grand time girl, and make lots of memories for future reminising!

kj said...

cb, i am envious and wishful reading this post. you will no doubt have a great memorable time.
your niece sounds kind of precious in her own way!

just the fact that you're swimming with your sisters has me happy for you!

Cailleach said...

That's my idea of heaven, where you're staying! Beaches and sea, lots of fresh air and sun... drink deep!

Maya said...

Sounds fun to me - tell your neice she's in her prime suffering years (also: Go rent Little Miss Sunshine, if you haven't already. Brilliant). Have fun! Can't wait for pics!

herhimnbryn said...

Bliss in a cabin!
niece will look back on this a good time!

Bug said...

Wow! What a great trip. And I'm sure you'll have lots of writing material from it!

Emily said...

This sounds like such a wonderful time. Are you really swimming with dolphins? Have you read A Ring of Endless Light by Madeleine L'Engle...that book makes me want to swim with dolphins.

Endment said...

Have a lovely time


I just accidentally found your blog. You seem to be having a great time. I hope you have a happy day. Connie from Texas

mcdinzie said...

I think I said it all on the phone!!

you just wouldnt be the great aunt your are if she didnt have something to remember you by in many many years to come

dinzie said...

THE Ozzies are coming !! The Ozzies are coming !!! DON"T PANIC !!!

At least "Sufer B" isn't with them :O)

And the Eagle has almost Landed !!!! :O)

Shameless said...

I absolutely love Akaroa! I took some French friends there when I was living back in NZ in 2002-2003. It really has managed to keep all of its French charm! :)

paris parfait said...

Sounds like fun - enjoy!

Becky said...

It sounds like a ripping good time. As for S, tell her what we say to our offspring here:


Have fun,

pepektheassassin said...

Heh. So, who's minding the baby whilst you play???

Jan said...

Sounds a great place as well as a great gathering.
As Rethabile says, family gatherings ARE precious, become even more so as we get older.
They're also a superb writing resource, aren't they? THe 1st story I ever wrote was about me, hiding under a table in our kitchen, lisrening to family secrets being discussed while my mother and The Aunts ( they were ALWAYS THE Aunts) washed up...
BUT OH DEAR:I am wondering if I was once rather like your niece??!

Avus said...

We thoroughly enjoyed camping grounds like you describe when we were touring NZ. It was a chance to muck in and meet people who we would not otherwise have connected with.

wendy said...

"Your book just came in the mail...cha cha cha cha cha.." My happy refrain from my happy song.

It came from amazon through Pwells in Portland OR!!!!

I,m thrilled. Can't write now..must read!

twitches said...

Ha ha - I love the title of this post!

chiefbiscuit said...

rethabile - They are precious, you are so right and I do cherish the time, for all my joking! As do my sisters I hope.

catherine - Alas I read your comment too late - would've loved to have seen the garden (saw notices for it but didn't know it was as good as you have pointed out. Oh well, next time.)

rel - Sure did!

kj - Didn't get to wim as the weather was a little cool - but in the end it didn't matter- we did some good shopping instead! ;)

cailleach - it was hard to beat.

maya - Thanks for the tip about the movie - have been meaning to get it out. Sounds like I should watch it with my niece!

herhimnbryn - Eventually she will ... ;)

bug - I didn't seem to have enough time to reflect this time around - but did get some photos I can't wait to get developed. Maybe they will jog my memory for some writing.

emily - Unfortunately the dolphin thing wasn't a go-er. I might look up the book you mentioned - I like her writing. One day I will get to swim with dolphins - there are many opportunities here to do so.

endment - Thanks - i did.

connie - Thanks for dropping in!

mcd - You are such a sweet sis!

dinzie - They are all there already!!! I know ... Good luck!

shameless - Yes it really does have charm and cuteness.

pp - Thanks - we did.

becky - Oh how I wish I'd read your suggestion earlier. I would have SO loved to have said just that to niece S and then just sat back and basked in the reaction!

pepek - Did you not catchup with the news that baby H (sigh) has now gone on to a Nursery - he's graduated already, even at his tender age!

jan - If you were then that's great because after all my joking, she's a great kid. Sharp as a tack. And very, very funny. She's great company.

avus - I just think my sister and niece suffered from lack of a camper van!

wendy - Oh! I am so excited to think of you reading my book way over there in the Rockies!!!

twitches - maybe a little unkind, but then again, unkind is often very funny don't you think? ;)


'how this all harbours light'