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Monday, 8 January 2007

Paninis and Sheep

(Those here to read the review of 'Luca Antara' - see 7th Jan. post below.)

ABM and I have had a pleasant day - lunch out with his parents (after a leisurely breakfast) at a cafe called 'The Book'. I have no idea why it is called that - I saw no books. But plenty of paninis. We talked about how there used to be just two choices of bread - brown or white, sliced or unsliced . Back when the word panini, as ABM's Dad said, simply meant an Italian street urchin.

Since then we have had a wander around a couple of art galleries just knowing our son M could/ should be on display ... one day, when the time is right. 'Patience achieves everything'. Or as my Irish great-grandmother Agnes Reid was fond of saying in her Derry accent, "Payshuns and per-severance." (Ah. A long-lost virtue I'm afraid Great-Grandma.)

The day is mild and dull. Not a bad thing as the sun here when it shines full-on is brutal and my skin cannot take much of that anymore. I'll just become one large freckle.

I am reading VS Naipaul's essays now. Devouring his reflections on the art of writing entertwined with his own writing history and his background. He is a favourite writer of mine - his novel, 'A House for Mr Biswas' is brilliant. Looking for something to read? Try that book. I know you'll not regret it. I also like his book, 'The Enigma of Arrival.'

I have been having interesting dreams while on holiday. One was about a sheep that needed shearing - half of it was shorn. The poor thing was quite lopsided and having trouble standing upright. It kept toppling over. "Somebody! Shear that sheep!" I was mentally shouting.


Cailleach said...

Interesting comments about the half-shorn sheep, CB.

Is there something that you've not quite finished, or was it what you ate before bedtime ;)

paris parfait said...

I've read his book The Enigma of Arrival. Sounds like you're having a good holiday, despite the interruptions of strange dreams. :)

Remiman said...

Glad you're enjoying yourselves.

I've not heard of V.S. Naipaul, but on your recommendation I'll read "A House for Mr. Biswas."

What's the deal with NZr's and sheep?

chiefbiscuit said...

cailleach - i think you're right - maybe on both counts!

pp - Maybe the dreams are adding to it!

remiman - Now if you have to ask ... it means you aren't in on the joke - mainly made by our trans-tasman neighbours (that is, Aussies) in the form of derogatory jokes. There are more sheep than people in NZ and somehow this leads to all sorts of sordid conjectures - for some unknown reason. i mean, i don't have a fetish for sheep ... but according to some unkind non-kiwis - I should!;) All in good fun (I hope).

pepektheassassin said...

I am enjoying your writings, and your pictures. Ah, yes, I have heard about folks with sheep fetishes, but never actually KNEW one...until now.

You are living in my FUTURE! It's still MONDAY here in Slick City, Utah. Look at your newspaper and tell us tomorrows HEADLINES--give us a headstart!

When do you start with your baby?

chiefbiscuit said...

pepek, believe me you don't want to know tomorrow's headlines!
I start with Baby H on Monday - can't wait!

gel said...

Hi CB,
I enjoy your conversational posts.What a lovely day. It sounds like you and ABM are retired? I've not read that book so am adding it to my long list.

I know the feeling well about "just knowing our son M could/ should be on display ... one day " and I hope he will be. My daughters are both very artistic. Might be a tad of genetics going on there I humbly say, since we go to my art reception tonight at a local gallery.

However, I am so much more interested and proud of my daughters, hopeful for them, as they embark on the world. "Sapphire" is still in high school and was just accepted last month early decision to the theatre arts program of her choice, for example.

Fun to learn that "paninis" used to mean an Italian street urchin. I love words. I see you're fascinated by dreams, too. I think I should shorten my comments and email you!
Best to you,
P.S. I'll be back in case you decide to post for Poetry Thursday. If not, I'll enjoy reading your archives. I've added you to my feeds and when my website lets me, I'll link you.

gel said...

oh duh, I always read the comment thread AFTER I post, so it's my fresh thoughts unadulterated by others' opinions.
I see you're on holiday! Will you be babysitting a grandchild? I'll check back to see if that is who "baby H" is because I must zzzzzzz now.

chiefbiscuit said...

gel - I've only caught up with your comments now - sorry - I will get on over to your blog now and say Hi. :)


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