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Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Boxing On

I am writing this in an internet cafe, the traffic swishing by at my back, like the waves on a beach. Luckily, the real waves of a mountain lake are only seconds away.

Walking down here to the town from where we are staying, I walked along a track with each side strewn with daisies, poppies, lupins, foxgloves and summer grasses with fragrant seedheads - timothy, cocksfoot ... The broom is in flower too and provides a rich, yellow background. Luckily I don't suffer from hayfever, as the scents of the grasses and flowers were particularly strong this morning after last night's rain.

I noticed the foxgloves prefer to grow alone, whereas the lupins prefer to clump close together. I smiled a wry smile as I realised something about myself - I'm more of a foxglove than a lupin.


Cynthia E. Bagley said...

We don't have a boxing day here, but a lot of people do their exchanging on the day after Christmas. We are expecting some rain today. Hope you are doing well.

Sabine said...

A happy Boxing Day to you too!


wendy said...

Me too..a foxglove...but I am not poisonous...and i think foxgloves are... Happy Happy to you and yours...

mapiprincesa said...

My Aussie friend from Perth referred to Boxing Day as well in his Christmas card... is it just celebrated in your neck of the woods? Glad to see all is well.

All our pics are up, in case you want to take a peek at anything, on's a dummy account with as login
vienna as password.

All best to you!

Belle said...

Good Evening Chiefbiscuit,

I've come by to catch up with your posting (beautiful flowers-so much to love).

Happy holidays!

chiefbiscuit said...

cyn - I never realised Boxing Day wasn't international - well, you learn something every day as they say (and it's true!) Is rain good for you? Hope so! :)

sabine - Thanks. Hope Cat is doing okay?

wendy - Mmmm ... they might be - I'm sure you aren't tho' Happy Happy right back at you! :)

mapiprincesa - As I said to Cyn, I wasn't aware of Boxing Day not being international. It's a British tradition and we are an ex-British colony (kind of) so I am guessing that's where it's come from. It's always been Christmas Day and then Boxing Day for us over here - Boxing Day is a kind of laid-back relaxing-after-all-the-Xmas-excesses kind of day - and shopping to spend vouchers and for the sales. :) But not me - I only bought a cup of coffee.

belle - Hi to you too Belle. Glad you are back!


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