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Thursday, 22 June 2006


Here is my Poetry Thursday's poem:

do that thing you do with words

Blood, fire, stone,

found, sea, sun,
earth, sky,

blue, rock, ice, snow,

word, read, hope,

fill me with home.

river, daughter,


place me.

Maggot, sick,
vivid, bog,

putrid, unction,
rude, paddock, knickers,


titivate, urinal,

ululate, vole,


only yesterday,


made me laugh.


a wandering woman writes said...

I love it!

I read it aloud and loved it all the more for it ... great poem.

Deb R said...

Oh, excellent, Chiefbiscuit! Cool interpretation of the prompt.

(But I admit I'm surprised to see "vivid" in the bad section.)

Endment said...

You certainly discovered some of my un-favorite words!
I love the last sequence "rhinoceros made me laugh."

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

Yes I like the "rhinoceros" line too. When I was in South Africa at a game park, I was able to touch a rhinoceros' hide. :-)

wendylou who? said...

Bull eye on this one! Chief...but paddock?...I love a good clean paddock.....ah well, lets agree to disagree


paris parfait said...

Great twist on the prompt - loved the bits with the yummy words; grimaced through the horrid ones. Well done!

Colorsonmymind said...

My lip curled as I moved through the yucky words-and then the last line made me smile.

January said...

Loved your take on the prompt=! I may attempt an immitation of your poem.

And now, I must go and look up the word "vole."

Catherine said...

That's such a clean, spare interpretation of the prompt. I love it. As for your comments on my post, I must admit I liked my little essay more than I liked my poem - which I only dusted off because of the prompt. But after all the comments I have had on it, it's growing on me :)

chiefbiscuit said...

ww - Thanks mate! I was really touched you took the time to read it aloud - now THAT'S a compliment!

debr - Thanks! 'vivid'? yeah - with some words it's not the meaning so much as the way it sounds - vivid with its narrow, mean sound is not an attractive word for me. But I do like its meaning!

endment - I'm glad I struck a chord!
(Now that's quite a nice word ...)

cyn - You lucky thing. I love rhinoceroses so much!

wendylou - Once again it's the sound rather than the word itself - field sounds so much nicer than the clumsy-sounding paddock. Just like pail sounds so much beter to my ear than bucket. (BTW we call fields paddocks over here in NZ - NZ is FULL of paddocks! If you call them fields, people are suspicious and think you must be English!)

paris parfait - Thank you so much for your faithful reading of my poems and your comments - always appreciated.

coloursonmymind - Thank you - a satisfying response!

January - Have you looked it up yet? It's any rat-like or mouse-like creature, I believe - once again it's the sound of the word more than the meaning - I don't really want to give rodents bad press. (Take Lynn's Digi for example - I might hurt his feelings ... )

catherine - Yes i really liked what you wrote - both poem and essay. Thanks for your comments on mine.

January said...

Yes, I have. Voles are kind of cute, in a rodent kind of way. :)

Cailleach said...

I really like it CB. My reading eyes are switched on today!

Aren't words funny things? It's not the words themselves, it's the ideas they convey (signifyers and signified to Linguists!).

And everyone has their own perceptions and concepts of certain words - so all us readers are reading your poem differently...! Cool.

jim said...

How nice to extend my Poetry Thursday into a Friday morning reading, and to come across your witty, free-fall of words, words, words.

Lynn said...

Ha ha. Chiefbiscuit, I love what you did with this. But I have to believe you mixed up a few words you love there with those you hate at the end of the poem. After all, who could hate the word knickers?

Jules said...

I feel the same way...knickers makes me giggle as much as rhinoceros! btw...I skipped over the first word and thought the words you love are lovely.


mcdinzie said...

Happy birthday big sis...even if you are crazy and take a dunk in a freezing sea to celebrate....must be old age getting to you :)

michelle said...

Voles! The V and the T, are not my favorites either.
Nicely done.

chiefbiscuit said...

January - Yes maybe so ... but not the word; say it s-l-o-w-l-y ... see?

cailleach - Yes it's fascinating stuff all right!

jim - Thanks 'preciate that!

lynn - But it's just such an annoying word - so is panties which annoys the heck out of me too - I prefer undies which covers all bases (ha ha pun intended!)

jules - Thanks - I'm glad I didn't make you faint!

McD - Now stop telling tales on me lil sis

michelle - Yay! You agree!


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