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Thursday, 15 June 2006

Some beech leaves are still hanging in winter

This is a photo I happened to find in flickr (I am always amazed - it never fails me!) to demonstrate exactly what I saw today in the Botanical Gardens on my way home from work. I spotted some beech trees with leaves way at the top fluttering in the breeze - their golden colour shining in the low sun is what caught my eye. I thought at first they were flowers or blossom - but no. Just a few autumn leaves hanging on until the last possible moment.


Deb R said...

I love the way beech trees hang onto their leaves like that. The color seems muted until all the other leaves have falle and then they really shine!

essencelp said...

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Verity said...

What a beautiful image, so graceful.

Delaleuverses said...

This looks like a beautiful postcard, thanks for sharing

chiefbiscuit said...

Thanks you guys!


'how this all harbours light'