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Thursday, 29 June 2006

Not Keeping Up With The Joneses

This week's Poetry Thursday's prompt tied in with the poem I intended to post anyway - so wasn't that fortuitous / serendipitous or simply lucky?

It is a poem I wrote about four years ago and so I had to update it a little, e.g. I changed mobile to digital camera and video to dvd.

It is really saying, Hey just because we're middle-aged and middle-class, don't put us into the 'House and Garden' box. Don't assume we do all the typical middle-class stuff. It's saying the simple life is the life for us - anyway, we haven't got enough money for it to be anything else.
It's a celebration of being ordinary and un-cool - un-trendy.
If life really is always a high school class - we're the quiet ones in the middle of the classroom who no-one really remembers being there. The ones who notice everything and quietly write it up in their diaries!
It's a poem that says we like the quiet life; we're not great social-ites, gregarious entertainers or phone conversationalists, but we're happy with that, and we're okay!

we may be middle-class but we don't know our wines

When the phone rings
there's a race
not to be the one
to answer it.
We don't own a digital camera
or sip water from bottles.
There's no four-wheel drive in our drive.
No dishwasher.
No holiday to Australia

planned, or any
desire to grow olive trees.
We may be middle-aged, middle
class, but we don't know
our wines, have never been
to an opera in a quarry; don't have
barbecues or yearn for a spa.
I fell for him 32 years ago
because he looked

like Cat Stevens
- or Jesus. He fell for me
because of my powder-blue
raincoat and yellow shoes.
Our garden is scruffy, our tastes low-key.
We prefer to spend nights in;
hire a dvd,
light the fire,
eat chocolate.


Deb R said...

This one warms my heart. You describe a lovely life, cb!

Lynn said...

I just came across an old poem where I'd used the phrase cellular phone. I think I wrote it back before everyone had them, and clearly before we'd truncated cellular to cell. Funny, I don't remember that shift in language, although I do remember the phones the size of people's heads with the impossibly long antennas.

I love this poem, by the way: simply and strong, and the lines,

He fell for me
because of my powder-blue
raincoat and yellow shoes.

wendylou who? said...

I love a scruffy garden...that still bears fruit..or veg as it were...But NO DISHWASHER!!! i lived the first 10 years of our marriage w/out one...and I have become rather fond of it well as the fact that Rach is old enough to load and unload it for me!!

Do all middle class bourgeoise (sp?) people vacation in Australia...i'm gettin a bit worried...

Pam in Tucson said...

I love this poem. With a couple of exceptions (I confess to owning a digital camera and a dishwasher), we relate closely to its spirit and intent. Your poems warm my heart.

kaleidoscope said...

definitley serendipitous (!! love that word !!) i love your description of the quiet ones writing in their diaries. sounds so, so, um, deliberate...

kaleidoscope said...
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Catherine said...

Oh dear, I would have thought I'd fit your poem, but we do have a spa, a digital camera and occasionally holiday in Australia :)
OK, we have a scruffy garden and certainly don't plan to grow olive trees. And the dishwasher has been broken for years (it was here when we moved in).
The poem is great

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

chiefb... I love this poem. You have caught me and my dear hubby to a T. ;-)

liz elayne said...

ahhh...wish we were are my kind of folks...
(though i do love my digital camera and dishwasher...but a night in with a dvd, a fire and chocolate...well...what more could one want?)

love this.

jim said...

Yikes! You've nailed All the things I do, own, race, sip, desire, and pose!

Belle said...

Hi Chief B,

Lovely thoughts.

Catherine said...

Forgot to say, I really related to the bit about the race not to answer the phone - live in adult children seem to be especially good at that.

chiefbiscuit said...

debr - Thanks!It is a lovely life!

lynn - Yep those old cellular phones are so funny now! They reallu date movies!

wendylou- don't worry it's just the jealousy speaking!

Pam - I guess a digi cam is the next on my list if I was honest - or a laptop ...

kaleidoscop - Yes the diaries are pretty deliberate i'd say1

catherine - you're forgiven! A spa must be nice ...

cyn - I knew you were one of us!!

liz elayne - next time we have a dvd & choc nite - YOU are invited!!

jim - But you're a poet so you must be allright!

belle - Hi Belle - wher's your poetry?

catherine - yep hate that interruption!

Jules said...

I'm with favorite lines being:

He fell for me
because of my powder-blue
raincoat and yellow shoes.

Makes me smile while I imagine the scene...and sense a pure, beyond the every day kind of love you must have for each other still.

January said...

Can I come over to your house? Sounds like you know how to celebrate and enjoy the important things in life.

I think the have somewhat related topic this week for Poetry Thursday this week.

dinzie said...

I have a dishwasher, digital camera and occasionally holiday in Australia and dream of at least having land .... Yet I'm a working class Pom !!!! :)

Oh - A my garden's much more messier than yours !!!! :O)

Neasa said...

Oh, I do love this poem!

chiefbiscuit said...

january - Welcome anytime!

dinzie - Aw! You're as working class as I am (backgrounds don't count it's what you are NOW!) Your garden's fuller than ours!

neasa - Thanks for dropping in Neasa - and thanks for the kind comment.

pepektheassassin said...

lol Nice poem! (I don't have a garden, but I do love chocolate!)

pepektheassassin said...

PS I would neverinamillionyears take a polar plunge.

chiefbiscuit said...

pepek - Thank you - never say never!

Dani said...

I admire people who can live the simple life. We are living a semi-simple life by default, but we would have all the gadgets in the world if we could afford them.

BTW, my husband's pseudonym on my blog is ABM! It was weird seeing his name all over your blog :-).

chiefbiscuit said...
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chiefbiscuit said...

Thanks Dani - ABM stands for Able Bodied Man in my case!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how my neighbour could save a fortune on her credit cards. Now I too have the secret.


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