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Saturday, 20 May 2006


Today I went for a walk along the harbour. It was hard to drag myself away from the fire and my book, but I knew that I'd be glad I did.
The photo I've posted was one I took not long ago, but when conditions were calmer than today. Today there weren't any reflections.
However the harbour looked wonderfully silver in the dying afternoon-light and the water ruffled and scrunched by a nippy breeze.
I was warmly wrapped in gloves, woollen hat, scarf and coat.
I saw elegant gulls with lolloping wings and the more angular, quicker terns, both out diving for food in the water.
I saw a kayak, a canoe and a wind-surfer's bright, orange-and-pink sail.
When there was a lull in passing traffic, I could hear my own footsteps and the bottom of my jeans making rhythmic flapping sounds. I noticed there are no longer any grasshoppers creaking in the roadside plantings. The last of them have disappeared along with the warm nights.
In some of the gardens of the houses I passed nearer to home, pink roses were still gamely budding. Summer's sweet peas, though, were just brown stalks with rotting, broken backs. Drooping corpses slung over fences.
However, the rhodendrons are very much alive and kicking - shamelessly flaunting shiny, conical tips, like green rockets, all ready to blast off in September.
Ah, but September seems a long, long way away. Before then we have winter in which to retreat and reflect and gather our resources.
Home now to ABM's offer to 'do tea' and the smell of tuna with pasta and cheese cooking while I write this and think ahead to an evening in by the fire with wine, TV or a book - and smug in the knowledge that I went for my walk and loosened my bones and stretched my short legs and treated myself to the harbour's beauty once again.


Catherine said...

What a lovely photo. I really should go for a walk, I am stuck inside doing the accounts for Takahe this weekend

Sabine said...

It's funny. I keep forgetting that the seasons are "upside down" in your neck of the woods (or are the "downside up" over here?). How strange to read your account of going for a walk warmly wrapped in gloves etc. in May!!! Today is a grey and rainy day but it has been very nice over the last couple of weeks. Promises of a hot summer just around the corner. Come and visit.


Deb R said...

I love the description of what you saw on your walk and the contrast of the mirror-smooth water in the photo. Just lovely.

Jules said...

First of all...Thanks for stopping by my blog. Secondly, this is a beautiful photo! I'm experiencing a very hot May and was thinking how I would love one nice Fall day...then I read about you walking in gloves, hat and scarf. I guess I can wait for Fall, but will enjoy reading about it on your blog filled with a LOT of talent!

btw...I could listen to Joni Mitchell's River over and over too :)

mcdinzie said...

I so hate winter....3 sleeps to go

Clare said...

Lovely post and lovely picture...very evocative. It made me feel cold even though it is supposed to be summer up here.

mapiprincesa said...

Rejoice in the fact that you have all four seasons! What other time of year does it feel so good to curl up in front of the fire with a book? It can be so hard sometimes to find the beauty in dying leaves, colder temperatures and impending darkness--but it is there. The stars at night are never as beautiful as the winter sky offers them, the ring around the moon you can see on a cold night...breathe deep and the sounds of Spring will be again on your doorstep before you know it!

chiefbiscuit said...

Catherine - Hope the accounts weren't too bad!

Sabine - Oh now wouldn't that be nice!

debr - Thanks it's great to hear you connected.

Jules - thanks for your kind comments - Yes Joni's 'River' is so transporting and reflects just how I feel a lot of times ...

McD - Well off to sunnier climes in two days!!! Lucky you Lil Sis! :)

Clare - The descriptions must've worked to make you feel cold and wintry in May! ;)

Mapiprincesa - Well said - what beautiful commenting - Thank you - what you said is so lovely and so right.

Bogart said...

You write beautifully. Even though I am sitting in the middle of a Texas heat, for a moment I was there shivering in your nippy breeze. "drooping corpses slung over fences" is wonderful!
Do you have short legs too?

Yours is a true talent.

chiefbiscuit said...

Hi Bogart - Yep I'm a shortie. 5'2" eyes of blue ...
(or 5' one-and-a-half inches to be exact.) Thanks for your kind comments - nice to know it 'connects'!

Lynn said...

I myself like the phrase "ruffled and scrunched," but that's just me. I had no idea your legs are short. Or that your eyes are blue. Well, now I know.

mab said...

yep, I am a shortie too, 5'3". Such a lovely picture, oh so inviting...and your words paint a wonderful moment(s) thank you for sharing!


natalie said...

Great picture and descriptions! It is getting warm here, and just a little muggy.

I'm 5'3" with eyes of green. :-)

chiefbiscuit said...

Lynn - Yep now you know - I wonder if it will mean you will treat me differently? ;) 'Course not!
Thanks for liking 'ruffled and scrunched'

mab - Shorties rule! Thanks for your comments.I see you've got a new website?

natalie - Hi! It's hard to imagine warm right now!
As I said above - shorties rule! Good things come in small packages and all that ...

a wandering woman writes said...

Dunedin ... now I'm confused?


'how this all harbours light'