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Monday, 15 May 2006

I wanna ...

I am tired.

A lot of bloggers seem to be tired right now and taking breaks.

I am thinking of taking a break from blogging too, but may just suffice with very short blogs for a while.

Haiku blogs.

Some bloggers I read do little, wee blogs - like one-liners. I might try that.

If I had a digital camera I could do the photo with caption blog. That has always appealed.

I want to knit a jersey - so I might swap blogging for knitting for a few weeks.

I want to write some short stories. Instead of blogging, I might just shut myself away in my writing room and see what stories I come up with - or out with!

I'd like to do more walking - but these days it seems to be dark and cold whenever I think of it.

Today was very cold. A reminder of impending winter - the cold - the kind that kills off good intentions - such as walks and writing - or anything away from the fire and TV.

I want to read too - I have a friend's poetry manuscript to read and a Montessori textbook. I want to read some detective novels and some more short story collections.

I received some beautiful flowers from my daughter for Mother's Day. Lemon carnations and yellow lilies. They sit all golden and warm against the pale green curtains.


Catherine said...

I'll miss you if you don't blog for a while. Haiku blogs would be lovely. And digital cameras are great fun. I love being able to take lots and lots of photos just to get one good one, and not worry about the cost.

Bogart said...

I think you should do what will make you happy. I would miss you terribly if you weren't here though. Maybe you could do a little of all of it. Just blog what you feel, one line, a picture, a poem. Sometimes we put pressure on ourselves that we don't have to. I hope you don't go away.

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

Yes.. I am a little tired lately too, but for me it is because I have been going going going...

My stepdaughters are coming to see us this weekend... so I will be slowing my blogging for awhile.


Patry Francis said...

It sounds as if you are full of energy and joy. Come back and share some of it on your blog when you can!

Belle said...

Hi Chief B,

Okay, we'll go along with a SHORT break......!

No, pressure. Just a line to keep in touch.


Lynn said...

Oh, I'd love to see your one-line posts. I bet they would be fantastic.

chiefbiscuit said...

Catherine - Thanks, yes I do like the idea of haiku blogs!
It's nice you'd miss me ...

bogart - Thanks b! You're right, you got it in one. It's all self-imposed. I'm only putting pressure on myself. Silly old me! It's nice you'd miss me ...

Cyn - Thanks - I noticed you were tired too! Enjoy your ds-in-law! And hope to see you back refreshed and invigorated.

patry francis - Thanks for your kind coments. You've encouraged me.

Belle - Thanks - you are so sweet to me.

Lynn - Thanks - might just do that! just for you :)

To all of you - I'm feeling all overwhelmed you're all so nice - and more than a little embarrassed about the sorry-for-myself whinge. I've decided to do shorties for a while. See how I go!

January said...

Come back soon. I feel like I've just found you!

January said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
January said...

Sorry for the deletion. I'm still learning how to blog.

mcdinzie said...

Its ok to do the woo is me for a little bit, just don't do it too long :)

Sometimes you just need to read blogs, there is NO obligation to leave a note nor is there an obligation to write an entry.

so having said that, I would miss your entries, I dont always read them the day you write them nor do I always leave a note but you know that I will read and note when I feel like it and I'm sure everyone writing blogs feels the same.Sometimes we as bloggers/diary keepers think we have an obligation to an audience, and thats just not the case, we have an obligation to ourselves!!

So enjoy some non blogging time, enjoy reading, writing, curling up in front of the fire and I know you will browse thru when you want.

Susannah said...

CB, thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog- i think haiku posts sounds like an inspired to freshen up the mind!

mapiprincesa said...

I am with you! The dark and cold gets me, too...I'm thinking seriously about a solar lamp for this office to help boost my mood. Happy writing!

chiefbiscuit said...

January - Thanks - I feel the same about you! You are writing some great stuff so I am in for some good reading and hopefully i will be back soon.

Thanks Lil Sis - You are so wise!

Susannah - Thanks - Hopefully - 'freshen up' sounds good to me!

Mapiprincesa - Thanks for the photos - butterfly-girl is so sweet!! Solar lamps sound good fun - that reminds me of a lava lamp thing I wrote sometime back - might post that - it's short!


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