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Saturday, 29 April 2006

Bluff Exteriors

This is a bossy seagull on a rock at Back Beach in Riverton. I wonder what the caption could read? "How many times do I have to tell ya? I don't like MacDonald's!"

A shot of the sea at Back Beach, Riverton where the waves wash up on to a shingle (pebbly) beach. Birds nest on the stones in the open and it wasn't until later I saw a notice informing visitors to be wary of where you step. I hope I didn't step on to a tern's nest! (I know I didn't - being the wrong season is a pretty good clue.)

Now we are up to last weekend. This is the back end of me looking out to sea at Bluff - which is this side of halfway to the Antarctic and right at the 'bottom of the world', as people are fond of saying. If you look closely you can see in what direction and how far it is to NY.

I'm tempted to use this for my profile image - I am very fond of paua shells (paua - pronounced 'pa-wa'- is a type of abalone.) Whenever I wander the beach, I never come away empty-handed. This shell now sits on the steps at home. A reminder of a magic weekend.


Pam in Tucson said...

Bottom of the world indeed! I was surprised at how far it is to Hobart, let alone NY or London. I love abalone shell. Your paua shell is quite beautiful against the pebbles. I use an abalone shell for my smudge sticks. I'm not Native American (actually I'm English/Australian, naturalized American), but I do honour and practice some of their traditions, including smudging to purify an area. What a treat that you shared the beautiful weekend with us.

chiefbiscuit said...

Hi Pam - Thank you. I have never heard of smudging! or smudge sticks - do tell me more! The maoris are into purifying areas too - maybe it's a similar method?

mcdinzie said...

very good picture of the paua shell on pebbles, you'll soon be able to take wonderful pictures and write poetry about it...and illustrated poetry book surely never done before (tounge in cheek!!)

chiefbiscuit said...

McD - Yeah right! Prefer to let the words do the talking with poetry.
(Actually I was rather pleased with how that photo turned out - I had to lie down on my tummy to take it!! Must've looked a sight.)

Becky said...

How beautiful New Zealand is. It seems so strange and wonderful to see the other side of the world. I usually see you on my side!!!!


Lynn said...

My grandmother had a shell like that one. I loved to play with it whenever I would visit her.

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

These pictures are great. :-)

chiefbiscuit said...

Hi Becky - Welcome to my world!!

Hi Lynn - I used to play with a shell my aunty brought back from Fiji whch was covered in spots like a leopard.

Hi Cyn - Thank you! Taken with a Pentax KM we bought in England in 1977 ...

Belle said...

Hi Chief B.

Nice pictures. I love looking at where you are from. It is such a pretty place.

I use paua shells in my jewelry. They are adored by almost everyone.

Cute picture of the bossy seagull. I think the caption you suggested fits perfectly.

I like the new look of your blog.


'how this all harbours light'