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Sunday, 30 April 2006

Birds, birds, birds

I have been tagged by Pam of Tuscon for my list of ten favourite birds.
After some thought, here they are - all native birds to New Zealand. First bird is the *tui - (seen to the left). This photo is my sister's partner's photo - he takes fantastic photos and this is one fine example. A territorial bird with a beautiful song - copied from the bellbird. They are great mimics and can be taught to 'talk'. They love to feed off the nectar of flowering trees.

kiwi bird
Originally uploaded by Fuzz Bandit.

*kiwi. A flightless bird in danger of extinction. We New Zealanders are known throughout the world as kiwis.

Originally uploaded by Bennolo.

* fantail - or piwakawaka. They appear friendly and approachable, flying close overhead or dancing just in front of you - but that is only because as we move, we disturb insects - the real reason for thier interest.

* rifleman - a tiny, elusive little bird that lives in the forests.

Stuffed Kereru
Originally uploaded by dubh.

*kereru - large, wood pigeons with a white apron front and tiny head atop a fat body. They have a lazy flight, their wings making a wop-wop-wop sound as they fly overhead. They are so big that when they perch on the powerlines, the lines visibly droop underneath.

Originally uploaded by imageobject.

*kakapo - another endangered bird (a flightless parrot) that has been rescued by a govt-sponsored project to save it and transport it to a rat-free sanctuary on an island. It makes a very loud booming noise when looking for a mate.

Yellow Eyed Penguin
Originally uploaded by mualaf.

*yellow-eyed penguin - here in Dunedin we have yellow-eyed penguins that are able to be observed as they arrive back after a day at sea, and also while nesting. Again, endangered.

albatross silhouette
Originally uploaded by Seeing Is.

*Royal albatross - we are able to go out to where they nest on Taiaroa Head, near to the city, and observe them flying and nesting. Best seen in the flesh as a photo just doesn't capture their huge size. They are full of character and have an amazing smiley look to their beaks.

Kotuku, the White Heron
Originally uploaded by jemsweb.

*white heron - kotuku - An astonishingly beautiful bird I have yet to see in the wild - a treat in store.

Originally uploaded by gilowe.

*ruru or morepork owl - Their lonely, plaintive night-call that sounds exactly like they are saying, 'morepork, morepork', is a familiar one in New Zealand.

I tag Belle and Mica :)


Clare said...

Great selection. So exotic and such strange creatures, to my eyes at least.

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

Beautiful birds. We saw several yellow headed blackbirds yesterday on our outing to Fallon, Nevada. They are very gregarious, communal birds. Fun to watch. :-)

mcdinzie said...

Nice birdies, you should have asked djd for his woodpigeon piccies, he would have sent you his :)

chiefbiscuit said...

Hi Clare - Thanks for dropping by. Yes I realised as I was doing the blog that a lot of the birds are very big compared to the little hummingbirds and robin redbreasts from the Northern Hemisphere. We must breed them big I think!

Hi Cyn - We have blackbirds over here - but they don't have yellow heads! I am curious now - any photos? I'm looking forward to your blog on your favourite birds. :)
Hi Lil Sis - Yep thought of Dave's wood pigeon but didn't think he'd appreciate the late-night call - my 'early bird' stint has disintegrated into the (more normal for me ) late night owl again - Morepork I guess! :)

Sabine said...

What a wonderful collection of beautiful birds! You live in an amazing part of the world. I have been saving money to go and visit New Zealand, but the problem is that it is sooo far away. One cannot just travel over for a week. And I cannot take a month off work. :-( But your pictures have refreshed my desire to go and see all of this with my own eyes. One day I will, eventually. Until then, I will be back here for more "second hand" impressions.

Endment said...

Oh this is great! thank you for sharing these birds with us... Delightful!

Bogart said...

Nooooooo! I've been tagged.
Ok, once,,,lol
You birds are beautiful and unique. Thank you for all the interesting info. too. the photography is wonderful.
You will have to wait for mine, I am bushed tonight.

Marie said...

I marvel at how different the birds are in New Zealand compared to your neighbour Australia. I had expected similar birds in both places but these are really different. I've always had a soft spot for the kiwi - even as a young girl I wanted to see one, though I still haven't managed it.

chiefbiscuit said...

Hi Sabine - Welcome to NZ!! Thank you for your comments - hope to see you over here one day!!

Hi Endment - Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the bird pics.

Hi Mica - Sorry to tag you but you did say that you had birds outside your window! Just when you're ready ... have a good sleep.

Lynn said...

I never thought about disturbing insects when I move. That makes me sad. I hope I'm not hurting them.

Pam in Tucson said...

I'm so glad I tagged you for the 10 Most Beautiful Birds meme. I was curious about NZ birds and knew you'd make an exciting list. The white heron is breathtaking! Thank you for including my little favourite, The Rifleman. I do recommend pohanginapete's photo which really shows up its colourful green plumage.

chiefbiscuit said...

Hi Marie - Ah but Australia was part of Godwana land - we just rose up out of the sea!! Different origins - different fauna and flora. And that's your geographical lesson for the day!!

Hi Lynn - I know! But I believe they are flying insects, so it just gives them a bit of exercise (unless there are some fantails around of course!)

Hi Pam - Thanks for your kind comments. Glad you enjoyed the blog. Yes the rifleman photo in pohinganapete's blog is great! Hope everyone has a look. And yes the white heron - kotuku - is a magical bird ... I can't wait to be able tosee it in its natural habitat one day.

Belle said...

Hi Chiefbiscuit.

I tagged you. Have a look at my blog. Hope you are not tired of being tagged.

I see you tagged me also. Thanks.

I'll be by later to do some catching up.

Hope you are well. Bye.

Bogart said...

Chiefbiscuit, I just heard about the Earthquake. Forgive me, I should know by now, but are you Eastern New Zealand? My Google Earth won't work here. I hope you are safe!!! Please let us know.

"An earthquake measuring eight hit the Tonga islands, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Web site said on Wednesday and a tsunami warning was issued for Fiji and New Zealand. The Tonga islands are an archipelago east of Australia and north east of New Zealand."

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

I just heard about the earthquake and tsunami warning as well. We are hearing from eyewitness accounts taht the tsunami is only a couple feet high at this time.

Hope you are OK...

:-) Cyn

chiefbiscuit said...

Hi Mica and Cynthia - Golly gosh - so much for the warnings - I never heard anything about it!! As you see I am safe and okay - THANK YOU for your concern - it was farther north on the east coast of the North Island (I find out this morning after a long and unbroken sleep!) Your care and concern is appreciated! :)

Bogart said...

Wanted to let you know I am going to start using Bogart instead of Mica. Dona Bogart is my real name, though I have used Mica for years.

mapiprincesa said...

I thought of you, too, when I heard of the earthquake.

What beautiful photos you have now--it has been a while as I am drifting in the land of final papers, final exams...the term is almost over! Be well, keep blogging- even if silent, we are still reading!

chiefbiscuit said...

Thanks Bogart - Dona Bogart it is! :)

Thanks Mapiprincesa - I know you are busy - I think of you heaps and looking forward to your posts when you get your head above the papers!

For those wondering ... The tsunami was a big false alarm and the poor Civil Defence staff are now in trouble, but only because they failed to realise that the CNN and the BBC and alarmed friends and relatives from overseas had alerted the residents of Gisborne ( the North Island town in line to be hit) that they had heard about an oncoming tsunami. People (I don't know how many - probably not too many - the news beat these things up so much, it's hard to really know ... ) then began waking neighbours and fleeing to the hills just on those reports alone, not realising that the NZ Civil Defence were informed 15 mins after the first official warning, that there was now no danger! (CNN and the BBC should've been more careful about their reporting and checked instead of alarming everyone needlessly ... ) A lot of lessons learned - mainly in the panic that overseas TV stations can cause! (Cynthia - we needed your radio network, it would have been more reliable.)

chiefbiscuit said...

Hi Belle - I am off now to look at your post - all this tagging is exciting!! :)

Bogart said...

I am so sorry I haven't done this yet. I promise to do it soon!

Carnival said...
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