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Saturday, 25 March 2006

Safe and Sound

Heard from all three sons today and don't it make a Mum's heart glad? (Sorry about the Crystal Gale misquote ...)

Son no. 1 sent an email from Japan to say he'd arrived back at Kyoto after a few days in Perth, Australia attending his friend's wedding. He caught up with my sister and his cousins over there - a couple of them he hadn't met before (I haven't even met them yet and they are aged twenty-four and twenty-two.)

Son no.2 was here when I arrived home from work at 1.00p.m. He had successfully hitched all the way after disembarking from the Wellington to Picton ferry yesterday morning. It took him seven rides in total he said. I said to ABM last night "I have a feeling that son of our's will be sleeping on a park bench tonight." Well my feeling proved to be right - except it wasn't a park bench, it was a school's playground. He said the bark chips weren't too bad for sleeping on. He woke up at about three a.m. found a well-lit skateboarding ramp to have a bit of a skate on until it was light and he could begin his hitching again. It is always good to hear these tales after the event!

Son no. 3 arrived safe and sound from Milford about half an hour ago - after midnight. ABM and I were getting a trifle worried ... I decided to do the dinner dishes. If we are ever expecting people and I start to do dishes, they always turn up right in the middle. Sure enough, Son no. 3 arrived right in the middle of me doing the dishes. (No we don't have a dishwasher and I'm perverse enough to be happy about it. A lot of my best stuff gets written in the middle of the dishes - and what's more, late arriving-sons often turn up too, which has got to be a bonus.)

So tomorrow it's the BIG 21st BIRTHDAY PARTY. I'll let you know how it went! (No writing today either - Son no. 2 is asleep in the writng room.)


Cynthia E. Bagley said...

I am glad to hear that your sons have come home safely. I would be scared about the hitchhiking... but as you know it is more dangerous in the U.S. Wow 21st birthday... Have fun.

I also do my dishes by hand because electricity has become so expensive here. ACHK!

chiefbiscuit said...

Yes well ... hitchhiking murders have occurred in this so-called 'safe' country too I'm afraid - so we are always a tad anxious when he hitches! :-/

mapiprincesa said...

What fun...I look forward to the birthday details!

Belle said...

Sounds like you have wonderful sons. That is a great treasure.

Have fun.

chiefbiscuit said...

Thanks Mapiprincesa - Details to follow ... :)

Thanks Belle - Yes they are and it is.


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