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Friday, 24 March 2006

Poetry Reading

Last night was poetry reading night at the Crown in Rattray Street. I picked up A. at the bottom of my street and she came too - a smart move as it turned out because if she hadn't come along there would have only been me and ten males. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing.

It was as it always is, an interesting night. There was a range of readings from Irish (Tom Paulin) to French (Baudelaire.) S. read a couple of Tom (I'm having a senior moment .. can't remember his last name - let's call him Sylvia's Tom for now) poems. Dv. read a poem he's written about trousers and L. read a poem about his zippered heart. R. opened the readings by reading a poem by the Australian poet, Peter Porter. B. read a poem about a middleaged hot and intense one (or it might have been two) night stand(s) - apparantly imaginary. Another D. (from henceforth known in this entry as 'Another D.') read three poems and got himself videoed as he did so. The person doing the videoing videoed him from all different angles - right up close, behind, in front and from the floor. It was a mite distracting. 'Another D'. is really a bit of a peacock .

The Crown is not what I'd call salubrious yet it has a certain, downtrodden, tattoo-den charm. A sort of southern Dunedin grunge meets alternative-arts grant. I mean Rattray Street? The Crown? R. says it has poetry connections from the 60s. Anyway it seems to work and good on him for being the engine that makes it run. Without it, Dunedin's poetry scene would be poorer. N.R. who is at the university at the moment (doing what I have yet to uncover) virtually performed a one-man show about his friend Charlie ... who turned out to be Baudelaire.

I forgot to ask L. if he wanted a ride home. He has to get the late bus home. The one that goes all over town before dropping you off at your stop. (Sorry L.) He and I had an interesting chat about lounge music as I realised I had no idea what lounge music was. I still have no idea what lounge music is.

I didn't read tonight as I'm off poetry right now. I wonder if it will take the hint and start using its charm to tempt me back? I hope so or my second book's in a whole heap of trouble.


Cynthia E. Bagley said...

I have never read at a poetry reading. I did read a poem about Las Vegas at our FEMA party. They all thought I should get it published. (blush) It had already been published LOL

chiefbiscuit said...

What's FEMA again?
Well a whole new experience awaits you Cyn! Reading your own poetry at a poetry slam!! (I'd love to be there to hear it!)


'how this all harbours light'