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Monday, 27 March 2006

And Not One Trampled Daisy

The 21st birthday party went off without a hitch. The loud music was turned off at half past midnight, so hopefully the neighbours weren't too annoyed by the intrusion of very loud hip-hop, techno and a bit of Ben Harper until then ...

Son no. 3 was really pleased with how it had gone, and the work we'd put in to ensure all went well was acknowledged. He stood in the kitchen - or should I say leaned / swayed in the kitchen - and with a huge grin that refused to leave said, "You're champions." It was heartfelt, if a little slurred.

At 1.00 a.m. a taxi-bus they'd ordered arrived to take the revellers into town. They went to a karaoke bar apparently ... at first anyway. Son no. 3 eventually arrived home at 6.00 am.

ABM and I had a quick tidy-up after they'd left, leaving the rest to do in the morning, and toddled contentedly off to bed feeling that we'd pulled it off. There were no fights, no fires, no broken glass - not even a trampled daisy!

Part of the reason for the nervousness was being a university city, we've got accustomed to accounts of how party-going, drunken students down at the university end think a party is not a decent one until they burn a couch and the fire brigade is called.

Also in the early stages of organising this party, we had considered hiring a hall. However the sport's club we were thinking of hiring it from stipulated that we had to hire security guards for the night. And it had to be two security guards at $20 an hour each. Apart from the cost, it made us wonder just what on earth 21st partygoers are capable of to warrant security guards. We were understandably a little shaky about having such a party in our own home.

The party all occurred downstairs in our garage which was, thanks to Son no. 2 and K., dolled up for the occasion with Xmas tree lights on the rafters. At times the noise coming up through the floorboards was horrendous - we had to turn the TV up to 35 to hear anything.

The chairs and oil-fired brazier we'd hired were a good idea as they sat around the fire to keep warm - it was a chilly autumn night. We had a barbecue for them and kept them well-supplied with pastries. We'd ordered far too much food as it turned out and now our freezer has enough food in it to last us until June.

And what is the best news of all? That was the last twenty-first birthday party we ever have to arrange. Yay, yay and thrice yay!


Belle said...

Great! The old folks pulled it off ^_^. So glad there was no trouble so you could have good memories. Sounds like lots of fun and I'm glad your 21 year old appreciated your effort. How nice.

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

yes, this sounds like fun. Boy, you don't have to arrange a party until the first 40th LOL. When we were in Germany our landlady turned 40. She had quite a party at the small church. Of course, with all the older folks (many were in their 80s and 90s) it was not as rowdy as a 21 year old party. ;-)

mapiprincesa said...

Wow...good for you! Cheers! My goodness, I guess I will have to call you for my next event-planning...have you ever given thought to such a business?! --jajaja! Hummm...and food leftover to boot. I am Impressed.

chiefbiscuit said...

Thanks to you all for your accolades - I will live off them now for the next little while!! BTW they were all funny too so you've given me my humour shot for the day! :0)

Pam in Tucson said...

Bravo! Get some rest ...

chiefbiscuit said...

Thanks Pam, I intend to!


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